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Tarzan the Musical (Broadway Cast album)

Amazing Grace Musical (Broadway Cast album)

Shrek the Musical (Broadway Cast album)

Harmonicus Rex (Hendrik Meurkens)

The Way Through (Donny McCaslin)

Time Shifter (Giovanni Hidalgo)

Caravan Quest (JazzAar Jazz Festival)

Tree Frog (Rhythm Kids)

Awakened Earth (Mirabai Ceiba)

Canadian Impressions (Erik Puppe Lundmark Group)

Ama (Youngchem Lhamo)

Silent Calling (Natasha Sokoloff)

Sides Colors (Roberta Piket)

The Road (Mahmak Kadem)

Full Circle (CBS Records)

Full Circle-Myth America (CBS Records)

Full Circle-Sorcerer's Apprentice (CBS Records)

Crysalis (Bruno Raberg)

Pentimento (Bruno Raberg)

Siren (Walt Weiskopf Nonet)

Song for My Mother (Walt Weiskopf Nonet)

Timeshifter (Giovanni Hidalgo)

The Angel in the House (Jonatha Brook and the Story)

Plumb (Jonatha Brook and the Story)

Secret Rhythms (Arida Conta Group)

On the Edge of White (Arida Conta Group)

The Outsider (Arida Conta Group)

A Jazzy Wonderland (CBS Records)

Alma Del Sur (Narada Collections)

Green Potato (Shohei Narabe)

Brazilian Landscapes (Sergio Brandao & Manga-Rosa)

Evolution-Symphony No.1 (Enyi-K)

Living These Times (Fernando Huergo)

ReBop (Paul Renz)

In My Own Hands (Paul Renz)

Open Up (Sandy Lam)

The Dance Continues (Panta Rei)

Is This Really It? (Ahmad Mandor)

Point of View (Nando Lauria)

Naivete (Brian Ales)

End of a Day (Matt Johnson)

Movie soundtracks:

Get Real! Wise Women Speaks


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